Derik Hobbs

Book - Poster - Editorial - Design

Derik Hobbs is a freelance Illustrator and Designer residing and working in Nashville Tennessee. A graduate in Illustration from Savannah College of Art and Design, Derik’s work has been featured by: Society of Illustrators, Applied Arts, and Creative Quarterly. His work is centered on intricacy, nature and wildlife, meticulous line, and cognitive thought. Derik works with traditional materials like ballpoint pen and crow quill while combining them with digital means to create a rustic and vintage scientific illustration look to his work. Earth tone colors schemes, metaphor, allegory, hatching light sources, and repetitious line work creates the visual style of his body of work.

Derik’s style is a striking visual solution that can be suited for Editorial Illustration, Branding and Logo Design, Poster Illustration,
and Book Illustration.